A word from the Director

Dr. Michael Schumacher, DR1 INSERM

Welcome to the DHNS website. The 4 teams of our laboratory « Diseases and Hormones of the Nervous System » are working together to address unmet medical needs related to diseases and lesions of the central and peripheral nervous systems: protecting neural cells, promoting regeneration, including the regeneration of myelin, and improving functional recovery.


Team 1
Steroids and the nervous system

Director : Michael Schumacher
Deputy director : Rachida Guennoun

Team 2
Glial cells, regeneration and plasticity

Director : Elisabeth Traiffort

Team 3
Targeted therapies for neuropathies

Director : Liliane Massade
Deputy director : David Adams

Team 4
Genetics and neurodevelopment

Director : Judith Melki
Deputy director : Marcel Tawk

Reach us

U1195 Inserm
Bâtiment Gregory Pincus
80 rue du Général Leclerc
94276 Le Kremlin Bicêtre

+33 1 49 59 19 98