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Dr. Michael Schumacher, DR1 INSERM

Our laboratory « Diseases and Hormones of the Nervous System » addresses unmet medical needs related to diseases and lesions of the central and peripheral nervous systems: protecting neural cells, promoting regeneration, including the regeneration of myelin, and improving functional recovery.


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Nervous system an steroids

Director : Michael Schumacher

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Targeted therapies for neuropathies

Director : Liliane Massade

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March 27, 2023. Towards a better understanding of the role of male hormones in women with multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease for which there is as yet no cure, affects three women for every one man. Faced with this observation, the research group led by Elisabeth Traiffort within unit U1195 is interested in the role of sex hormones to better understand the differences between men and women in the face of the disease as well as its progression. He has just shown that even if the male hormones – androgens – are present at very low levels in women, their presence is necessary to regenerate the myelin sheath which is destroyed in multiple sclerosis. These results are published in the journal Nature Communications.

Zahaf et al, Nature Communications, 2023, 14-Art number 1592

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22/05/2023    14h30    Salle de conférences

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